Seasons in Madawaska

Ask any of the locals and they’ll tell you: Madawaska is a great place to visit any time of year. Some things are worthwhile no matter the season, like the Four Corners Park (especially if you are a motorcycle enthusiast), hanging out at Tim Horton’s, and the Tante Blanche Museum. However, one of the beautiful things about Maine, and Madawaska in particular, is that each of the different seasons brings their own great things to do along with them. Here is just a sample of what you can expect when you come:

In summer, it doesn’t get sweltering hot like so many other places. While we can get a 90-degree day or two, we average a very pleasant mid-60s during the summer. That means you don’t need to hide indoors.It also m meansyou’ve got your choice of activities around town.Spend some time on the river.Boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and canoeing are just some of the activities you will find to keep you busy. The Acadian Festival is also held in the summer. There’s also plenty of places to bike around or lounge outside on a warm day.

Fall is gorgeous in Maine, and Madawaska is no exception. The leaves on the trees changing colors with the backdrop of the St. John’s River is fantastic and well worth seeing. Bring your camera so you can take lots of pictures. There is the big potato harvest (kids even get time off from school). We’ve also got some deer hunting if you’re interested in that.

Maine is perfect for snow bunnies. Thanks to our “mild” temperatures, it can start snowing as early as mid to late fall, and Madawaska might stay white long into what many people would consider spring. This means there is ample timeto enjoy all kinds of winter sports. We’ve got skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and sledding. And by sledding, I also mean dog sledding. If all of those sound like too much physical activity for you, there’s always ice fishing! The week of President’s Day is probably the busiest time of year, so if you are not a fan of crowds, come another time. In addition to snowboarding, my favorite winter activity is drinking hot chocolate by the fire and watching the snow fall. I certainly get to do enough of that here!

Spring is also a great time to be here. Everyone is in a good mood and enjoying the outdoors again after all our winter fun. You can go out on the water or enjoy the Botanical Gardens. Hiking and biking are great to do during the spring season here. It can be a quieter time to visit, after the winter sports crowds have gone but before the summer vacationers flock to the valley.

What’s your favorite time of year?