A Big, Wet Surprise!

There is a story that regularly makes its rounds in my area. It could be an urban myth, but it could be true. It goes like this: there was an estranged couple contemplating divorce after years of a troubled marriage. They had to deal with the division of the property which included an enormous house, most people would term a “mansion.” It is worth a fortune. The house is in Maine, hence my interest in lore. You have to know about Maine winters and how freezing the temperature can be at certain times of the year. Resident know this schedule only too well. The husband in this scenario had many memories from his youth. His wife was from California. Need I say more?

As the divorce became imminent, the question of the house loomed large. The couple moved to their respective new dwellings. The couple met with their attorneys and a deal would be forthcoming. Meanwhile the wife packed her bags, turned off the lights, and closed the door. She forgot to leave some water running. You have to do this in places like Maine so that the pipes won’t freeze. The continual rush of water is a kind of prevention. The arguments over the house had been fierce for some time and a bone of contention in the divorce. The wife felt that she should get the entire property. The husband, of course, declined.

A few weeks into the negotiations, winter hit as bad as ever. It seemed like there were icicles hanging from the trees. The wife asked the husband to check out the house since she didn’t want anything to do with the weather. He agreed. He drove over one cold afternoon and felt an extra chill in the air. He found out why when he opened the door. Because his wife had not left some water running, the pipes had frozen. The top floor was flooded by a surprise freeze, causing considerable damage to the house. The icy runoff was everywhere. A big, wet surprise. The husband stopped in his tracks, thought a moment, took out his cell phone, and called his ex. “You can have the house,” he uttered. He thought he could see her smile.

I imagine this happening to me. I always fear that my pipes will break and damage my whole home water filtration system. I depend on it for clean water for drinking, cooking, making coffee, and bathing. I couldn’t live without it. If I have to buy a new one, I can’t imagine what kind. A lot has change in the technology these last few years. Clean water is a big issue as witnessed by the vast amount of bottled water they buy. No one wants mysterious particulates swimming around. The worst fear is, of course, the existence of lead. Any water filter must eliminate this element first and foremost. Then it can tackle chlorine and other unwanted chemicals. You might even get softer water in the bargain.