Good Time in Barry’s Bay

I am enjoying soccer more and more as I have to play with friends. What is really a social occasion is a coed game at Barry’s Bay. It is a great scenic spot for an outdoor sport. Someone brings the portable goals and a good ball and all I have to do is show up. I have a team shirt, shorts, socks, and athletic shoes with cleats. I borrowed them and after the game—a good time was had by all—I noticed that they were a bit worn out and one or two spiky points were loose. I wouldn’t be borrowing them again and realized that I needed some gear of my own. I felt it was worth spending the time and effort, not to mention the money, since I planned to play indefinitely. I asked around and researched online and determined that a top choice would be the Adidas men’s Copa Mundial for about $200. They happened to be on special encouraging me to jump at the chance for the best cleat shoe available. If you are interested, here’s is what I found.

The imported leather shoe has a leather upper but a synthetic sole of course for good grip and durability, especially on firm, natural grounds. Inside is a synthetic lining that breaths. Adidas offers a die-cut special insole for lightweight and comfort. There is a lot to like. I don’t often fall for a blatant sales pitch, but I couldn’t resist the advertising verbiage. “High performance shoes more than worth the price.” “No question these are the best soccer cleats on the market.” “The shoe of choice of the pros.” “A real standout with a soft kangaroo upper—leather of course.” “No shoe holds up so well over time, plus a maximum of comfort and perfect support.”

You can’t beat this kind of praise. They had me with “you are paying for performance and the best quality materials. Remember, you get what you pay for!” Right then and there I plunked down my credit card and made the purchase for those cleats and what they said was the best soccer training equipment to improve my game. The Adidas Copa Mundial arrived in a few days. They fit like a glove. This blog is mean to praise them to the skies. Newbies listen up. I have tested advice. Next in line is the Nike men’s Mercurial Veloce II available for about $165 or less. If you want a run down, let me tell you that they are a fine choice made of a combination of synthetic and leather with a rubber sole. Nothing new there. The upper is lightweight as a result of the durable microfiber material. It is supposed to feel like a sock with great lockdown. The liner consists of a perforated cloth that mimics the shape of the food. It is all about comfort and cushioning. The cleats give you as much traction as you want—in all directions.

This, too, sounds like an ad, but it is the best way to describe my second option based on comfort, style, and support. It doesn’t miss a beat.