Now I’m the Dishwasher

Most of the time I go around oblivious to the appliances in my home. I’ve got better things to do, such as writing this blog! There is a lot to say about the great state of Maine and I should stick to what matters the most. However, I have been deterred by the sudden breakdown of my dishwasher and feel that I have to rant. I am lucky to have you as an audience. I thought it would last forever, as most appliances do, and it has failed me when I need it the most. I just had a party and the dishes were piled high on by the sink. I loaded the old faithful as usual, but it wouldn’t start. I tried a few more times before I accepted the reality of the situation. I would be washing dishes by hand tonight. I turned on my favorite music and grabbed an apron.

The party was fun, and the guests enjoyed the music and food. I thought I would have the cleanup wrapped up in an hour and off to bed. Not so! The emergency plumber who condescended to come over at this late hour, bribed with the promise of some delicious leftover dishes, said I needed a new part. He would order it in the morning. He advised me to take the dishes out, so they wouldn’t sit there with stuck-on remnants. I heartily agreed, paid him and set to my next task. The guests were gone so there was no immediate help. I was on my own. So was my overworked Aquasource faucet from Kitchen Faucet Depot. It survived the onslaught of dishes and barware and didn’t let me down. It was definitely up to the task. I am glad that I had the foresight to install a good brand years ago.

A friend called and heard the news. He was at my door in a flash. He grabbed the dishcloth and started wiping. Soon a couple of piles of bone china were on the dining room table. The glasses were spotless as well. What a relief. I offered him a beer, frosty cold from the fridge. He stood back and looked at the faucet. Cool, he uttered. He liked the arc of the spout and the one handle design. “Some of the new faucets are so high tech that they look out of place in a normal kitchen.” These were apt words. I am not a culinary wizard and don’t need the most expensive gadget in the world. My Aquasource is practical and well positioned to handle any chore. No problem if a big pot or pan comes its way. Now, who talks about their fixtures? Apparently, I do. It seemed like a simple no-brainer decision at the time. Here I am sitting on a stool in the kitchen holding a beer with a friend, praising my faucet to the skies. What is next, the toilet? Ha!